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Tim Conover

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Tim Conover presents an award-winning, high-speed, interactive, mind reading experience for major corporations around the world. He captures the imaginations of audiences everywhere with his energetic and refreshingly innovative presentations. Audience participation, the integration of your corporate message, and a magnetic display of showmanship are all creatively combined into a performance you will remember.

Tim combines over thirty years of performing experience, together with a dynamic display of showmanship, to make you believe it is possible to capture thoughts you are simply thinking. Thoughts and ideas are exchanged in a dramatic demonstration of interactive communication. Your corporate message is persuasively delivered with each magical moment.

Event planners, meeting planners, and destination managers repeatedly select Tim Conover to ensure a successful event. Trade shows, conferences, sales meetings, banquets, award dinners, seminars, product launches, hospitality suites, and conventions are all miraculously transformed into memorable and inspirational events.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Tim Conover performs as a mentalist, magician, corporate entertainer, mind reader, and thought reader for major corporations around the globe. He performs at a breathtaking, energetic, dramatic extreme which will bring your audience to the edge of their seats. You will find yourself believing it may really be possible to capture thoughts you are only thinking.

A mentalist receiving thoughts can be compared to being outside in a thunderstorm. Suddenly, there is a bright flash of light, and everything becomes clear and startling. Tim's program has all of the exciting elements of being in a powerful thunderstorm. His presentations are clear, crisp, and startling.

Up to forty-five different audience members actively participate in the mind reading program. You can feel the electricity in the room, as your entire audience begins to realize they may be interactively involved. Thoughts and ideas are exchanged in a dynamic series of whirlwind revelations. The personal revelations began to move like a wave of energy throughout the entire audience and in every corner of the room. Your audience members are instantly laughing, stunned with wonder, and gasping in disbelief.

The entire program is designed to carry every audience member up the ladder of believability. Tim enters the stage highlighted in a spotlight. Three different spectator's thoughts are instantly revealed. Then five new spectator's thoughts are captured. Silverware, borrowed off the tables, visibly begins to warp, bend, and break, with everything left for examination. Tim demonstrates the power of suggestion with a newspaper, predicting every spectators' decisions, before they even make them. Borrowed finger rings are linked, verified by their owners, and visibly unlinked in slow motion.

Words randomly selected out of well-known books are instantly captured from across the room. Drawings are duplicated. Three members of the audience construct the elements of a dream vacation and find a complete description sealed in an envelope, inside a wallet, that remains in the spectator's hands throughout the presentation. With his eyes completely blindfolded, Tim identifies personal objects you choose at random. He divines the serial numbers on bills of any denomination.

The possibilities began to grow from tens, to hundreds, then to thousands. Tim then breaks the barriers of believability in a series of breathtaking revelations which indirectly involve every single member of the audience. Birth dates are dramatically revealed. Birthplaces, social security numbers, close friends, birthmarks, pet names, important events, situations, and thoughts known only to you are revealed in a delightfully captivating experience. A random member from the audience is instantly transformed into the mentalist and captures a secret thought from another audience member on the other side of the room.

The program concludes with a fireworks display of rapid fire mentalism. Tim's high energy, dramatic presentation, combined with tasteful humor, extensive audience involvement, and his electric enthusiasm, will leave your audience talking about their experience for years.

Trade Shows

Tim is also considered one of the leading trade show entertainers in the nation. He researches the strengths of every client he serves and develops a completely integrated presentation that captivates the audience and dramatically delivers your corporate message. Your marketing literature, corporate reports, product and service information, and technical documentation are completely reviewed. A comprehensive list of your strengths, ideas, and achievements is structured into a unique and energetic presentation.

Every hour, on the hour, the presentation begins. Thoughts and ideas are exchanged in an entertaining whirlwind of revelations. Gazing into the center of a crystal ball, Tim divines the personal thoughts of someone in the audience. Your company's accomplishments and future directions are revealed. Dollar bills visibly change from ones, to fives, to tens, to twenties, to one hundred dollar bills. Your corporate strengths, products, and services are dramatically highlighted as the bills change to larger denominations.

Three different people simply think of a word they randomly see on any page of three different, well-known, business books. Each thought is instantly revealed. The words actually describe your company's commitment to excellence. Personal objects held by members of the audience are described in intimate detail while Tim faces the opposite direction completely blindfolded. Your corporate message is delivered with each thought provoking experience.

Special Events

Tim Conover is an expert in the fields of magic, mind reading, mentalism, and corporate entertainment. Each presentation is designed to completely integrate your corporate message into an energetic series of interactive presentations. Whether you are looking for corporate event entertainment, a show designed with your corporate message in mind, or a full evening presentation, Tim Conover is your solution. Invite Tim Conover to your next event.

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