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It's said, there's a fine line between genius and insanity. Well, Dan Sylvester (AKA Sylvester the Jester) has definitely crossed that line.

In the late 80's, inspired by the cartoons that had thrilled him as a boy, Dan began to use his skills as an artist, magician and inventor to design and build some of the wildest, cartoonyest, magic effects anyone has ever seen. But then in the 90's Dan took it quite literally to a whole new dimension when he created his madcap, stage persona "Sylvester the Jester a Real Live Cartoon". When Sylvester performs, all the laws that govern a 3 dimensional reality, go right out the window, like steam out of his ears! So now, whether its through the eyes of the cameras of NBC's "World's Wildest Magic" or ABC's "Champions of Magic", the Royal family of Monaco or through the eyes and ears of ordinary people in theaters all over the world, what they've all seen and experienced is something totally new and original! A living breathing cartoon! A hilarious, animated character with the unique knack for transporting himself and his audience into a surreal space and time where the absurd becomes reality.

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